English Games: Improve Your Vocabulary and Spelling on Android, iOS

Learning English today is arguably a simpler and easier task than it ever has been in the whole of human history. There are thousands of online courses you can take, and thanks to technological developments that English learners could only dream of even 10 or 15 years ago, there is an entire world of technology-centric language-learning solutions to take advantage of.

If you’re not supplementing your English language learning process with everything that today’s modern mobile-app technology has to offer, then you are potentially missing out on some vital resources that are ready for the taking. Not only can you rely on language-learning apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to provide you with a framework for learning languages, but you can now flesh out this framework and put meat on the metaphorical skeleton with the multitude of English games that this technology-rich world has to offer. I’ll cover some of the more serious exam-preparation apps in this English-games page, as well as taking you through some of the most entertaining games to complement the once serious and perhaps more challenging English language-learning process.

Not only will you benefit from the vocabulary bank and dictionary included in the app, but you will also have access to features that will improve your reading, writing, and speaking of the phrases in question. There are even games to make the action a little more fun and ensuring that this app is both educational and enjoyable.

GRE Vocabulary Builder

gre vocabulary builder

The GRE test is essential for anyone looking to enter Graduate School within the USA, and the GRE Vocabulary Builder is one of the few genuinely impressive apps out there that is tailored to build your vocabulary in preparation for this exam.

This app has a very clean and easy-to-use interface, putting an enticing front to a serious bank of content. In fact, there are 1200 items of vocabulary to discover, each selected by professional tutors. As you progress, you will unlock further words, with all of the definitions and example sentences to go with them, and ability to track your progress. This is one of the more useful apps here, particularly for those looking to improve their English for grad-school applications.

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Vocabulary TOEIC Test

vocabulary toeic test

If you’re looking to increase your vocabulary for the TOEIC test, then this app is an excellent supplementary resource for doing so. Cleanly designed and boasting around 600 words (definitions, example usage, and more), this is an app that has a very good balance of smooth, professional design and content.

Not only will you benefit from the vocabulary bank and dictionary included in the app, but you will also have access to features that will improve your reading, writing, and speaking of the phrases in question. There are even games to make the action a little more fun and ensuring that this app is both educational and enjoyable.

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Learn English: Sentence Master

sentence master

There is something so simple yet satisfying about unscrambling the sentence jumbles contained within Sentence Master. This game isn’t quite as heavy on the outright fun as the Words With Friends series, nor is it quite as educational or as directly useful as apps like GRE Vocabulary builder: it sits somewhere in the middle of these two in terms of usefulness for learning English.

This app has quite a simple design. It is colourful but not overly flashy – simple, but not rough-looking nor rushed. Its educational edge comes from the main puzzle mechanic, which involves unscrambling jumbled-up sentences, scoring points for avoiding errors and the speed at which you solve the puzzles. There are several difficulty levels, and the game even has a multiplayer function, giving it a well-rounded appeal for those looking to have fun while learning words and sentence structure for the English language.

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Ultimate English Vocabulary Prep: GRE® & All Exams

This GRE Vocabulary building offers a very pleasing design and combines this with a respectable amount of content. Unlike dedicated GRE-prep apps, the content this Ultimate English app contains is more widely applicable to a variety of exams, from the GRE to GMAT, UPSC, SSC and IAS exams.

The content includes a significant bank of words to expand your vocabulary, offering a “gameified” experience that enhances the often-daunting task of learning the nuances of the English language. It’s free to download, and most impressively, can be played without an internet connection in Offline mode.

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Jumbline 2

jumbline 2

Brainium Studios’ Jumbline 2 is yet another fantastically addictive app that could prove useful for learning English. In contrast to apps like Bubble Words, this game is a little more intensive and filled with modes that are guaranteed to put time pressure on your English-learning experience.

The game’s mechanics involve unscrambling various combinations of letters, and this app is very well designed to make you really think about all the possible combinations of words that can be made from the provided letters. I recommend the Star Tower mode – this will truly put pressure on your English vocabulary skills by making your brain work overtime to come up with solutions.

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Words with Friends 2

words with friends 2

Words With Friends is a series of games that rest firmly on the “gaming” side of learning English. Though not directly useful for exam preparations, Words With Friends 2 in particular is the latest version of the series, offering some incredibly addictive scrabble-style gameplay.

You are put head to head to head with other players of the app, where you will construct words from constituent letters in various modes such as the pressure-filled Fast Play mode as well as the ability to work alongside others in collaborative team mode.

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Bubble Words

img src=”https://andrewbiggs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/bubble-words-view2.jpg” alt=”bubble words”/>

Bubble Words is marketed as a relaxing gaming experience that involves solving crossword-style puzzles under the sea. Much less intensive than any of the exam-preparation apps you will find here, Bubble Words is more of a light-hearted, fun experience that could very well be useful for casually testing the knowledge you have already gained from more serious study or English language apps found on this page. This is for people that want to have fun whilst building up your vocabulary to an extent; this should not be used as a substitute for intensive study, however.

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Word Breaker

Though Word Breaker isn’t winning awards as a trove of linguistic knowledge (you’ll get more English knowledge even from basic flash-based games of the likes of Sentence Monkey, for example), it can be a useful tool when you’re finding yourself completely stumped for answers in any number of your favourite word-puzzle games.

If you’re attempting to learn English, this app could be considered a bit of a cheat/shortcut that will leave you without the full learning experience, but its anagram-decoder as well as its handy word-board solver (great for tile puzzles you can’t quite solve) will give you the upper hand when it comes to being completely stuck at your favourite word game.

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Word Story

Words Story isn’t like most English language-learning games. Instead of focusing purely on tile-based puzzles detached from any sort of exposition or drama, this app’s entire learning mechanic is based around a storyline. Set in a prison from which an innocent man needs to escape, you are faced with the task of planning and executing his escape through the medium of various word games.

You will solve a variety of language puzzles along the way, and the app has a delightful, cartoony design, making the process of working through the word puzzles extremely enjoyable.

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Cody Cross

Ever fancied being part of a crossword game that involved an alien crash-landing from outer space? Then you’re in luck: Cody Cross is a word game that offers a hefty quantity of puzzles that are based not only around un-jumbling and identifying words, but also around solving clues that are more cryptic and mysterious than you would expect from a standard word game.

Cody Cross is best enjoyed as part of a balanced diet of more serious exam preparation, of course, but this doesn’t mean that the game cannot be enjoyed in smaller doses to give you a benchmark on how well your main learning methods are going.

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Word Stacks

Word Stacks has a design that bears strong similarity to that of WordScapes, being from the same developer and offering largely the same experience bar a few essential game mechanic tweaks. You use the power of the swipe to cause the stacks of words to fall, scoring points in the process and game-ifying the word-learning process.

This game alone certainly would not suffice for serious English learners, but its colourful and polished design lends some fun weight to an experience that could potentially allow you to gauge your proficiency with certain words of the English language.

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Words of Wonder

Known as the Other WOW (the other being World of Warcraft), Words of Wonders is a crossword-style game that again bears a striking resemblance to Wordscapes. However, though the on-screen word-wheel is borrowed from Wordscapes, WOW does attempt to weave the separate word puzzles together in a wider thematic framework of travelling around 7 of the world’s great cities.

What is enjoyable about this game is that the individual words you discover form part of a larger, themed crossword-style puzzle. The gameplay will make you think about the construction of words, squeezing ever last drop of linguistic and syntactical creativity from your brain and allowing you to have lots of fun whilst doing so.

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