Camps, Workshops

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There’s no better way to get really excited about English than going on a camp!

For 15 years, ABA has been the leader in corporate and school English camps in Thailand. We have put on more than 1,000 camps for everybody from government departments, multinational companies, schools, universities, colleges – and even the city of Bangkok. Our “students” have been school kids, office staff, teachers, educators, executives and government workers.

We are very good at English boot camps, where students are forced to speak English — and only English — for the duration of the camp. These camps can be two days, three days, or even up to a week. They are educational, but they are also a lot of fun!

Thais often are afraid to speak English for fear of making mistakes. ABA has a unique curriculum that draws out the confidence in students and gets them talking. This is the unique selling point of ABA, and one you really must experience soon!

ABA also arranges seminars and workshops. These are hands-on experiences where all participants must play a part. Seminars and workshops can run for one day or more. We can go anywhere in Thailand.

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